If you want to brush up your English grammar, this place is exactly for you. At the moment the site is still under construction, but the following grammar topics are ready to be used: Parts of Speech, Tenses in Active Voice, Forming Questions, Tenses in Passive Voice. All the topics come with some theory, various activities and tests. As a student, feel free to go through the given grammar aspects individually at your own pace as correct answers are always provided. As a teacher, you may use the materials in your classroom the way you wish.


Most materials available on this site are meant for basic school EFL students, but some might also be suitable for use in upper secondary and vocational school. The author of the website has tried several of these worksheets and tests with her first-year (teacher training) students at university in order to revise basic grammar issues. The materials shared on this site are of level B1 and B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

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